Club Championships

Mens Singles 2023

Welcome to the Club Championships Mens Singles Event for 2023.  Here you can find information about the format of the event as well as being able to send in results and view progress.

Event Format

This event consists of a group stage, followed by semi-finals and a final.

Event Specific Rules

  • All general championship rules apply, see the main Club Championship page
  • There are three groups
  • Group winners and ‘Best Runner-Up’ will advance to the semi-finals
  • The semi-final draw will be made once the groups are complete to ensure the Best Runner-Up doesn’t play the person they played in the group stage
  • Best Runner-Up will be decided upon (in order):
    1. Most sets won (adjusted for group sizes if they are different)
    2. Least sets lost (adjusted for group sizes if they are different)
    3. Games difference (games won minus games lost, 3rd set counts as one game regardless of whether it was played as a full set or championship tie-break)
    4. Toss of a coin

Event Results

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Group Stage

The spreadsheet below has two sheets within it, the table and the fixtures (use the links at the bottom to toggle between them).

Knockout Stage

The spreadsheet below shows the knockout stage information, names will appear once the groups are decided.