Club Championships

Mixed Doubles 2021

Welcome to the Club Championships Mixed Doubles Event for 2021.  Here you can find information about the format of the event as well as being able to send in results and view progress.

Event Format

This event will be a group stage consisting of four groups followed by semi-finals and a final between the top pair from each group.

Match Format & Rules

  • Best of three sets (1 point per set won)
  • Third set is a championship tie break unless both teams agree in advance that they will play a full third set.
  • If any group finishes level on points then it’s ranked in the following order:
    1. Head to head result
    2. Least games lost (not Including 3rd set Championship Tie Break)
    3. Toss of a coin
  • Winning team are responsible for sending in the results (using the form opposite)
  • All results will be updated on this page by the tournament organisers as soon as possible after they receive them
  • The pair marked “HOME’ on the fixtures sheet (below) is responsible for organising the match. All group matches to be played before the end of July 2021.
  • In the event of a player injury during a group phase then all games involving injured player are null and void
  • If the injured player was due to progress in the tournament then the position will be filled with next pair from their group
  • NOTE: Due to a shortage of ladies and to support the desire to be inclusive, four ladies are entered into this competition twice (secondary pairs marked in blue on the sheets below). The draw has been designed so the only potential clash would be in the final. If that happens then the lady will play final with their primary partner and the other man will play in the final with the losing lady from their semi-final.

Send Results

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Group Stage

The spreadsheet below has two sheets within it, the table and the fixtures (use the links at the bottom to toggle between them).

Knockout Stage

The spreadsheet below shows the knockout stage information, names will appear once the groups are decided.